Manual migration to Office 365 

Of the several ways to migrate a mailbox to Office 365, the more hands on approach is to do it yourself. Below are the steps, separated into 2 parts, showing you how to complete a manual migration to Office 365. 

Part 1 - Pre-migration preparation

Step 1 - Add your domain to Office 365

If the verification fails at first, wait awhile, and try again. 

If there is more than one domain required, please add and verify each of them. 

Step 2 - Provision the users in Office 365

Follow the link below to learn how to add multiple users to Office 365. 

Step 3 - Sync mailboxes in the old platform

Make sure you have an Outlook profile fully synced for each of the existing accounts (NOT synced with the new Office 365 platform).   

Part 2 - The cutover

Follow these steps at the time of the cutover and ONLY when Part 1 (above) is complete.

Step 1 - Point the DNS records to Office 365

Follow the link below to learn how to point the DNS records so that all new incoming mail goes to Office 365.

Step 2 - Users log in

Have users login to the Office 365 Outlook Web App (OWA). Users should use only OWA for their email until such times that their desktop Outlooks and Mobile devices are fully configured and updated:

Step 3 - Export mail

Using Outlook synced to the old mailbox, export the mail data to a PST file:  

Step 4 - Configure devices

Create new Outlook profiles and reconfigure mobile devices with Office 365.

In case of trouble configuring Outlook, try the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant   

Step 5 - Import mail

Import the PST files from Step 3 into the new Outlook profile:   

Let the new profile update completely; it should say All Folders Up to Date when complete. 

If you prefer, you can alternatively upload multiple PST files in bulk to Office 365 using a network upload:

Use network upload to import PST files to Office 365