Explanation for the Account Manager sections


This guide will explain the different sections of the Account Manager.


A SherWeb hosted account

How to


In the Contracts section, you can view the detailed list of all the products you own, their quantity, as well as your monthly and your global total cost and the total amount you pay for your products per billing cycle. This section is divided into two different sub-sections: General Information and Credit Card Information. The General Information section contains information such as the activation date of your account, your billing cycle, the currency you use and the status of your account, whereas the Credit Card Information section contains your credit card number, its expiry date and the CVN number.


The Invoices section allows you to view or print the list of your SherWeb invoices. You may also pay invoices and view products that have not yet been charged to your account.


In the Emails section, you can view all emails you received from SherWeb individually.


The DNS section enables you to view, edit, delete or add DNS records to your DNS zones.

Note: On the left-hand side of the DNS section, you can find and edit your billing information (address, email, phone number).

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Applicable to

All SherWeb hosted accounts.