Minimum requirements (Exchange 2013)


This guide will give you a list of the minimal requirements for Exchange 2013.


You must have a Sherweb 2013 hosted Exchange account.

How to

To take advantage of all the benefits of our hosted Exchange offer, we highly recommend installing the following products:


Minimum Web browser requirements:


Internet Explorer 7 or later
Firefox 12 or later
Safari 5.1 or later
Chrome 18 or later


Note: Other browsers may work, but are not guaranteed to function.


Minimum Operating System Requirements:


Windows Vista
Mac OS X or higher


Minimum Data Connection requirements:


ISDN line or higher. (Microsoft Terminal Services NOT supported)
For mobile phone users, a data plan from your carrier in order to use ActiveSync.


Minimum Software Requirements to use advanced Exchange Features:


Outlook 2007 SP3 with June 2012 CU, 2010 SP1 with April 2012 CU, 2011 or 2013.
Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition.


Minimum Mobile requirements:


Windows 8 tablet
iOS 5 or later
Android 4.0 or later


Feel free to contact us for any other questions.

Applicable to

All Sherweb 2013 hosted Exchange accounts.