How to install SharePoint Apps


Apps add new functionalities to your Cloud SharePoint 2013 site pages. This guide will show you how to add them to your site. You can also purchase additional Apps from the SharePoint Store.


  • You  must have a Sherweb Hosted SharePoint 2013 account

How to

Note: Make sure the App you intend on installing is compatible with SharePoint Foundation 2013. Also don’t be confused with Web Parts. For instructions on how to install Web Parts, view this guide instead: How to add a Web Part (SharePoint 2013).


Step 1 Uploading the Web Part in SharePoint


1) Make sure you are logged into SharePoint as the site administrator.


2) Navigate to the parent site.1


3) Go to Settings – Add an app.



4) If the App you are looking for is shown here, skip to step 7. If the App you are looking for is not shown here, you can buy it from the SharePoint Store. Click on SharePoint store.



5) Search for App name in the Find an app search field or navigate by category. When you have one you like, click on it.



Note: Apps that look faded cannot be used in your site. This can be due to a specific configuration, the version of SharePoint you are using or missing access rights.


6) Click on Add it.



7) Click on Continue.



8) Click on Return to site.



9) Click on Trust It.



10) Once the App is displayed in the Your Apps page, click on it.



11) Give your App a name and click on Create.



Note: Why is SharePoint asking you to name the App? Because an App is not quite like a Web Part; it does not affect the whole page or site, only the place on the page you put it on. In theory you can have multiple versions of the same App that work slightly differently. For example, you can have a document library  for Word docs, one for Excel docs, and one for PowerPoint docs. You should name each version something that is representative of that specific version.


Step 2 – Adding the App to a page


1) Navigate to the page where you want to install the App.


2) Click on Edit.



3) Click on the Insert tab and then click on App Part where you want to install the new part.



4) In the App Part list, select the part you want to install and then click on Add.



5) Click on Save.



Foot notes

1. The top-level site is called a parent site and the sub-sites built within it are called sub-sites.


Feel free to contact us for any other questions.

Applicable to

All Sherweb Cloud SharePoint 2013 accounts.