How to create an alert in a SharePoint 2013 site


This guide will show you how to add an alert for your users in your SharePoint 2013 site.


  • You must have a Sherweb hosted SharePoint 2013 account
  • You must have a Sherweb hosted SharePoint site

How to

1) Log into SharePoint.


2) Open the document, list or discussion for which you want to receive alerts.



3) Under either the Documents or Library tabs, click on Alert Me.



4) Choose the preferences you wish to be applied to this alert and then click on OK.

NOTE: The exact names of the tabs and buttons in steps 1 through 3 are different depending on what type of library or list you are viewing, such as a picture library, tasks list, or calendar list. For example, a calendar list has Events and Calendar tabs where you can find Alert Me.


To modify or delete a calendar alert, go to the calendar, select either the Events or Calendar tab, select 'Alert Me', and then 'Manage My Alerts'. Click on the title of the alert you wish to modify. A New window will appear and you can make your modifications or delete the alert. To delete multiple alerts at the same time, you can click the checkbox next to the alert(s) you wish to delete, and then select 'delete selected alerts'.


Feel free to contact us for any other questions.

Applicable to

All Sherweb Cloud SharePoint 2013 accounts.