How to enable Anonymous access to a SharePoint site (SharePoint 2013)


This guide will show you how to enable anonymous access to your SharePoint 2013 site. This can be useful for opening up portions of your site to the public.


  • You must have a hosted SharePoint 2013 account with Sherweb
  • You must have an existing SharePoint site
  • You must have site admin rights

How to

Note: activating Anonymous access on your SharePoint site enables all visitors to view your SharePoint site anonymously without having to log in.


1) Navigate to the site (or sub-site) where you wish to enable anonymous access.


2) Go to Settings - Site settings.



3) Under Users and Permissions, click on Site Permissions.



4) Under the Permissions tab, click on Anonymous Access.



5) Choose whether you want Anonymous users to have access to the entire Web site or to lists and libraries only. Uncheck Require Use Remote Interfaces permission if anonymous users are complaining they are having issues accessing the site and then click on OK.



Feel free to contact us for any other questions.

Applicable to

All Sherweb Cloud SharePoint 2013 accounts.