How to manage permissions in SharePoint 2013


This guide will show you how to manage permissions for a list, library, folder, and document or list item within SharePoint 2013. It will also explain individual versus group permissions.


  • You must have a Sherweb hosted SharePoint 2013 account

How to

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 provides the ability to manage permissions on individual lists and libraries, and on individual folders, documents, and list items within those lists and libraries. Please refer to Microsoft’s tutorial and to this video for assistance.


Individual permissions


You can easily assign permissions to individual users by clicking on the Share icon on any page or item.


1) Go to the page or item you wish to share.


2) Click on Share.



3) By default the Edit permission is selected, click on Show Options to change the assigned permission level.



4) Enter the username or email address of the user you wish to give permissions to. Then Select the permission level and click on Share.



Group permissions


Managing individual permissions can get very confusing if you have many users over many subsites. For this reason, creating permission groups can help. Create the group and then drop users in it.


1) Click on Settings – site settings.



2) Under Users and Permissions, click on People and groups.



3) Click on Groups.



4) Click on New.



5) Fill in the fields and then click on Create.



6) Click on New.



7) Enter the username or email address of the users you wish to add to the group and then click on Share.



Foot notes

Permissions are the authorization to perform specific actions such as viewing pages, opening items, and creating subsites.

If a user has 2 or more permissions assigned to it on the same item, the most restrictive permission takes effect.


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Applicable to

All Sherweb Cloud SharePoint 2013 accounts.