How to view a SharePoint Calendar side by side with a personal Outlook Calendar (SharePoint 2013)


This guide will show you how to view a SharePoint 2013 calendar side by side with a personal Outlook calendar.


How to

Note: The ability to work with multiple calendars when using Outlook enables you to have calendars for specific purposes (ex. one for work and one for your personal life). By connecting your SharePoint calendar to Outlook, you will be able to keep track of any calendar items in a SharePoint list directly from you Outlook client.


1) Log in to SharePoint.


2) In the Quick Launch menu, click on Calendar, located in the Lists section.



3) Go to Calendar - Connect to Outlook



4) A dialog box will appear, asking you if you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer. Click on Allow.


5) A Microsoft Office Outlook dialog box will appear, stating that You should only connect lists from sources you know and trust. Click on Yes.



6) Your personal Outlook 2010 calendar will then appear side by side with the connected SharePoint calendar list.



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Applicable to

All Sherweb Cloud SharePoint 2013 accounts.