How to mail-enable a document library in Hosted SharePoint 2013


This guide will show you how to setup an incoming email address for a document library in Hosted SharePoint 2013. You will need SherWeb’s help for this to work.


A Hosted SharePoint 2013 account with Sherweb.

How to

1) Log into your SharePoint 2013 site.


2) Click on the document library you wish to mail-enable.


3) Click the Library tab, and then click on Library Settings.


4) Click on Incoming e-mail settings.



5) Click on Yes under the Allow this document library to receive e-mail heading. Enter the email address you wish to have and then click on OK.


Note: Your address will have to be similar to this:; it will not be possible to have an address based on the model 


6) Contact our support department and explain that you wish to mail-enable a SharePoint document library. Make sure to tell us the name of the domain to mail-enable as well as the email address you created.

Applicable to

All Sherweb hosted SharePoint 2013 accounts.