How to connect to Hosted Exchange EWS


This guide will show you the basics of connecting to Sherweb’s Exchange Web Services portal. This guide is intended as a general help article. Sherweb does not provide technical assistance in building or troubleshooting software solutions that connect to EWS.


You must have a Hosted Exchange account with Sherweb.

The client application used must be able to support SSL connections.

The client application used must be able to provide authentication credentials.

The client application must support NTLM authentication.

How to

1. Open your Internet browser.


2. In the server or URL field: enter the webmail value you can find in your Control Panel in the User Information section and add /EWS/Exchange.asmx at the end (e.g.


3. In the credentials fields (username and password), enter your Exchange email address and password.


Note: For more in- depth assistance concerning connecting to EWS, please visit this link from Microsoft.


Applicable to

All Sherweb Hosted Exchange accounts