How to manage meeting options in Lync 2013


This article explains how to manage meeting options in Lync 2013


 You must have a hosted Lync 2013 account with Sherweb

How to

1. From the Lync meeting tab, double-click on the meeting you would like to manage options. If you would like to create a meeting, follow this guide.


 2. Click on the ellipsis (...) and then click on one of the following choices.


 a. Meeting Entry Info.


 The meeting information can be emailed to external contacts to help them join the conference using either a compatible online browser or their compatible Lync client. Click on Copy All Info to copy all the meeting details information and paste them to the body of your email message. 


b. Lync Meeting Options

There are 4 meeting options.

Meeting access: The lobby is a temporary page outside of the meeting. Attendees that do not have direct access to the meeting land on that page. A lobby function is useful if the presenter(s) need to prepare the meeting material before letting everyone in.

Presenters: Controlling who can be the presenter in the meeting.

PowerPoint: Defining who can annotate the PowerPoint presentations.

Content: Defining if the presenter only or the attendees can look at the meeting content independently, or none of them. 


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Applicable to

All Lync 2013 accounts