How to manage Lync 2013 persistent chat rooms in the Control Panel


This article explains how to manage Lync 2013 persistent chat rooms in the Control Panel.


You must have a hosted Lync 2013 account with Sherweb

How to

 1. Log in to the Control Panel.

 2. In your organization, in the Tasks list, under the Lync section, click on Manage chat rooms.


Create a chat room

3. Click on Create a new chat room.

4. Enter the name of the chat room, and then select its privacy. Each type of privacy is described.

5. A message confirms that your chat room is created. You can see it listed.


Edit a chat room

6. Click on Edit next to the chat room you would like to modify.

7. You can then change the description and the privacy settings. Click on Save to confirm the modifications.


Edit members of a chat room

8. Only Closed and Secret chat rooms can have an edited member list. Click on Edit members.


9. Enter the first name of one user in the blank field. A list of users with the name is displayed: select the one you want. Click on Add. Redo the step for all users to add.

Note: only the users with Lync service activated will be displayed!

10. If you need to remove a member from the list, click on Remove next to the name. If you need to empty the members list, click on Remove all.

11. Click on Save to confirm all the modifications.

Delete a chat room

12. Click on Delete next to the name of the chat room you would like to delete.

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Applicable to

All Lync 2013 accounts