How to start a text, audio or video chat in Lync 2013


This articles explains how to start a text, audio or video chat in Lync 2013


You must have a hosted Lync 2013 account with Sherweb.


• For audio and video chat: Download from here the Microsoft tool that helps calculate your bandwidth needs.
• You will also need audio and/or video devices in order to participate in audio/video chats.

How to

1. Open Lync in the Contacts tab, double-click on the name of the contact you would like to talk with.


Instant messaging 

2. Start typing in the edition field, then press Enter on the keyboard to send your message.


Note:  To add multiple contacts to an ongoing chat session, simply select the desired contacts in Lync 2013 main window and then drag them to the active chat window.


3.To directly start a chat with multiple contacts, select the desired contacts from the Lync 2013 application main window, then right-click on the selection and click on Send an IM.


4. To manage group meeting options, refer to this guide.


Audio call

5. To start an audio call, from a chat window, click on the Telephone icon.


Video call

6. To start a video chat, simply click on the Camera icon.


Note: If you only have a microphone and no webcam, you can still click on the Camera icon. You will only present a black screen but your audio feed will work.


7. The other user will have to accept the video request by clicking on Accept.


8. The other user should be able to see the presenter’s video.


9. They will have to click on the Camera icon then on Start My Video to participate in the conversation with his camera.


10. To pause your video feed, clicking on Pause My Video, or on the telephone icon then Hold Call.

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Applicable to

All Lync 2013 accounts