How to use the Microsoft Lync 2013 mobile app on Android devices


This article explains how to use the Microsoft Lync 2013 mobile app on Android devices.


You must have a hosted Lync 2013 account with Sherweb.
You must have the Microsoft Lync 2013 app installed on your Android device.

How to

1. Start the Lync 2013 app on your device.

2. The app opens on the Contacts tab. The contacts are grouped under Other contacts and Favorites. Tap on a group to enlist the contacts inside.


Start a text chat, an audio or a video call

3. To start a conversation, tap on a contact. You can then write a message by tapping on the IM button, or start an audio or video call by tapping the audio or video buttons.

My info

4. To view your information (status and note), tap on the info tab.


5. To change the status, tap on the current status (Available, etc.) and select another status.

6. To change your note, tap on the current note and type your new text.



7. Tap on the Conversations tab. All your recent conversations are listed, identified by the contact they involved.

8. You can tap on one of them if you would like to continue talking with the contact.

9. You can press for a long time on a conversation: a pop-up will offer to delete the conversation.

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Applicable to

All Lync 2013 accounts