How to share desktop, programs, PowerPoint presentations, whiteboards, polls and Q&A in Lync 2013


This article explains how to share desktop, programs, PowerPoint presentations, whiteboards, polls and Q&A in Lync 2013.


You must have a hosted Lync 2013 account with Sherweb.

Your account should be activated as Enterprise license in the Control Panel

The Microsoft Lync 2013 should be installed on your PC and configured for your account.

How to

1. Start a chat with the contact(s) you wish to share something with. 


2. Click on the Monitor button and select the type of sharing you want.


3. The chat partners will have to accept the sharing to see it.


4. As a presenter, you may click on Give Control to give control of the screen or application to one of the contacts. 


5. An attendee may also request control by clicking on Request Control. As a presenter, click on Yes to accept. 


6. To stop sharing your screen or application, click on Stop Presenting either on the top bar or in the chat window.


Sharing your desktop


7. If you have more than a monitor, you may need to choose the one you want to share.
The monitor will be bordered in yellow and the sharing controls will show up at the top of the screen.


Sharing programs


8. Select one or more of your active programs and click on Present.


9. The shared programs will get a yellow border indicating that it is what participating contacts see on their screen. You may switch from one to another during your presentation.


Sharing a PowerPoint presentation


10. Choose the PowerPoint presentation you wish to share and click on Open.


11. Once the presentation has been uploaded to Lync, it will then be streamed to each participating contact. Navigate through the document by using the keyboard up and down arrows or  the navigation bar at the bottom of the chat window. 


12. The Annotations bar gives you the ability to edit the presentation with the Text Font, Drawing Tool, Color, Pen Tool, Stamp Tool and more.

The laser pointer button adds a left-mouse click controlled dot on the screen.
You can undo, redo or completely remove all your editions from the presentation by clicking on Delete all Annotations from This Page. You can save all your changes by clicking on Save As.


Sharing Whiteboard 


13. Once shared, everyone can edit the whiteboard using the Annotations bar.


Sharing a Poll


14.  Name the Poll by filling the Poll name field. Enter your question in the Question field. Enter each of the choices in the Choices fields. Click on Create


15. The poll will be viewable by all attendees and they will be able to select one of the options.


16. The results are compiled in real-time. Click on Poll Actions to close the poll or more. 


Sharing Q&A


17. Anybody can ask a question by filling in the question field.


18. The presenter or any attendee can click on Answer and provide an answer to a question.


19. Click on Save as to save the Q&A session or click on Stop Q&A to go back to a regular chat session.


20. Click on Turn On Meeting IM to return to a regular chat or simply wait a few seconds.

Applicable to

All Lync 2013 accounts