How to share presence information in Lync 2013


This article explains how to share your presence information with a contact in Lync 2013.


You must have a hosted Lync 2013 account with Sherweb.

The Microsoft Lync 2013 client should be installed on your PC and configured for your account.

How to

Since the activation of Enhanced Privacy mode in our Lync 2013 infrastructure, an additional step is required to be able to see users’ presence information. Start by adding a user to your list of contacts. Please refer to this guide for instructions.

1. Once you have added a user to your list of contacts, a notification will appear in their Lync client, notifying them that you have added them.



2. The other user can then add you to their list of contacts.



3. At this point, you will both see each other’s presence information.



It is also possible to manage other sharing settings such as: picture, location and status.


1. Click on the Down Arrow, click on Tools and then click on Options.



2. Click on Personal. Here you can update your presence information automatically based on your calendar by checking or unchecking the checkbox. You can share or stop sharing your location with other applications by clicking the location radio button.



3. Click on Status. Decide if you wish to let everyone in the environment see your presence information or only share it with people in your contact list.



4. Click on My Picture. You can choose to share or not your picture in Lync. Be aware that if you choose to not share your picture via Lync, it will still be visible outside of Lync.



Applicable to

All Lync 2013 accounts