What IMAP settings to use


These are the settings you would use to setup alternative mail clients or SMTP devices such as Fax, Scanner or Printers. Authentication is required, so a mailbox is necessary and the device should support SSL or TLS encryption.


  • You must have a Sherweb hosted Exchange account.
  • You must have set your Domain Type to Authoritative. Any account configured in IMAP with an External Relay Domain Type will not be able to send out emails. This limit was put into place to combat certain kinds of abuse.

How to



IMAP Server: You can find your IMAP server in your Control Panel in the User Information section (ex: webmail.example.com).



Username: your SAM account name.

You can find your SAM account name (ex: user_domain.com) in your Control Panel in the User Statistics section.


Password: your password


Port: 993 (using SSL)


SMTP Server: You can find your SMTP server in your Control Panel in the User Information section (ex: SMTP.example.com).



Username: your SAM Account name.


Password: your password


Port: 587 (using TLS* for Outlook 2010+)

* If TLS does not work, use StartTLS with port 587.


Require Authentication: please check the boxes Yes and Use same settings as your incoming mail server.

***Important***: Your domain in the Control panel needs to be set to authoritative if not the SMTP feature will be blocked.


If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Applicable to

All Sherweb hosted Exchange accounts.