How to send an email from a distribution list


This procedure explains how to send an email from a distribution list.


You must have a Sherweb hosted Exchange account

How to

Note: Sending an email as a distribution list is not possible, unless you do some reconfiguration.
This procedure will show you how to achieve the reconfiguration.

Configure a forward email address:

1. From the Control Panel, change the email address of your distribution list to another alternate address.  

2. Create a new forward mailbox with the initial distribution list email address. To achieve this, create a user account and assign a mailbox to it

3. To ensure all emails sent to the forward email address reach the distribution list, configure the forward mailbox to redirect emails to the distribution list. 

4. Grant your own email account Send As permission on the newly created forward mailbox. To proceed, use this procedure and check the 'Send as permission' instead of 'Full access permission'.


Send emails as the forward mailbox: 

5.  Open your mailbox using OWA.


6. Create a new message. 


7. Editing the new message, click on the ellipsis ( ... ) then on show from.


8. In the From field, right-click the default email address and click on remove.  


9. Enter the forward email address in the From field or click Search Contacts & Directory to find it. 


10. Edit your message, then click on Send


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Applicable to

All Sherweb hosted Exchange accounts