How to remove data from the web restore portal after removing a device from Online Backup


This guide will explain how to remove backups associated with a deleted device from the web restore portal


You must have an Online Backup user or admin account

How to

When a device is deleted from the online portal, the backups remain and are retrievable via the web restore portal. This is a security feature meant to prevent the permanent loss of backups associated with devices deleted in error. If you no longer wish to keep theses backups, they must be removed manually.


1. Go to, enter the LOGIN name that you were assigned, and your password. Click Sign in.



2. Select backups



3. If all your devices have been removed, you will see the message ‘There are no agents that can browse backups’. Select the link ‘browse the cloud storage’.



If, however, there are existing backups other than the one you are searching for, you can access the web restore portal by going to:


4. You will be asked to log in again



5. Choose the machine, and then the backup you wish to delete, click the ‘gear’ on the right-hand side, then select ‘Remove’.


6. Confirm that you wish to continue by clicking ‘delete’.



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Applicable to

All Online backup users and admins