How to package a drive for shipment


This guide will explain how to package your hard drive for shipping


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To ensure that your drive remains free from damage during shipping, it is important to package it carefully.

If possible, use the original packaging. You can also purchase packaging materials at most shipping outlets and stationary stores. Do not forget to include all necessary cables or adapters: SherWeb may not be able to process your initial seeding request without them.


Follow these steps when packaging your drive:


1. Delicately remove your hard disk drive from the machine. Stick the seeding label you have printed to the drive.


2. Place the hard drive into an anti-static bag to protect it from electrostatic discharge. If you do not have an anti-static bag, simply wrap the hard drive into aluminum foil.


3. Pack the drive in bubble wrap, making sure to cover all 6 sides. Place the wrapped drive in a sturdy box that is at least twice the size of the drive. Make sure that the drive fits snugly in the box, and cannot move around. It is not recommended to use Styrofoam peanuts or a jiffy bag (padded envelope) - they do not provide enough protection.


4. From the website of your preferred shipping company, prepare and print two prepaid shipping labels:

  • Label 1 – This label will be to send your hard drive: place it on the top of the box. Please contact your sales representative to get the shipping address.
  • Label 2 – This label will be to return your hard drive: place it in the box. If you do not enclose the label, SherWeb will be unable to return the drive to you: the hard drive will be stored in a safe for 1 month and then destroyed securely.


5. Seal the box with sturdy tape and attach the shipping label (label 1) to the top of the box. Be sure not to wrap the label around the edges of the box.


6. Write your ticket number on the Box or label.


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