Making a conference call


This guide explains how to make a conference call with your VoIP phone


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How to

Yealink phones support 3 way conference calls, and Grandstream phones support 4 way conference calls. If you require more please look at the Conference Bridge guide.


Conference call with Yealink phones

When you want to add a third party to a phone call, while on the original call:

  • press the CONF softkey
  • dial the number of the person you’d like to conference in
  • Once the call is connected press CONF again to link everyone together.


Conference call with Grandstream phones

  • Establish calls with the 2 or 3 parties you’d like to have a conference call with.
  • While one call is active, the other call(s) will be on hold with it’s LINE key blinking in green.
  • Press the conference button followed by the line key that is on hold. The conference will be established.
  • Repeat to join more people in the conference call.


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