Setting up a conference bridge with VoIP


This guide explains how to set up a conference bridge with VoIP


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How to

Each user has the ability to create and manage their own conference bridges. These settings are configured in online portal


Go to the Cloud PBX Tab, and select CONFERENCES on the left.

Click ADD and setup a User PIN and Moderator PIN.


The Advanced Settings tab has more options for the behavior of the conference bridge.


There are a few ways of accessing a conference bridge and it depends on each particular setup. Some businesses have direct numbers that go to the conference bridge, so all that’s required is to call that number and enter the appropriate PIN when prompted.


A few codes to use while participating in a conference bridge:


*1 - Self-Mute


To mute your line, enter *1. Enter *1 again to unmute.


*2 - Lock/Unlock conference


This allows the Moderator to lock the conference so that no participants can join. To lock the conference, the Moderator enters *2. To unlock the conference, the Moderator enters *2 again.


To request unmuting, a participant presses *2 and the Moderator can see this request on the web—interface.


*3 - Disconnect last person who joined the conference.


*4 - Increase the listening volume.


*5 - Extend the conference by 15 minutes.


*6 - Decrease the listening volume.


*7 - Decrease the speaking volume.


*8 - Exit the menu.


*9 - Increase the speaking volume.


** - Start recording (Moderator only). Recording will stop automatically when the
conference ends.


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