Ignoring and unignoring events in Office Protect


This guide explains how to ignore and unignore events in Office Protect


You must have an Office Protect account

How to

The Report tab in Office Protect contains a list of events flagged by Microsoft 365. Office Protect displays these events in one of two categories: unignored and ignored. We also offer further insight into each event by explaining why it was flagged.

How to get there

In Office Protect, select Report in the left-hand menu



The picture below, from the Unignored list, shows an event that was flagged by Microsoft 365. Specifically, there was a sign-in to an account from an unfamiliar IP address. Office Protect compares the event to your list of approved countries in the Sign-In from Unauthorized Country setting in the Monitor section. If the IP is from a country not in your list, Office Protect interprets it as being from an unauthorized country.



If, after reviewing an event, you deem it non-threatening, you can choose to ignore it. Simply check the box to the left of the event(s) and click IGNORE.



The event now displays in the Ignored events list, as will future identical instances. If you wish to move an Ignored event to the Unignored list, the process is the same as above.



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Applicable to

All Office Protect accounts