How to provision Communications Credits with Microsoft


This guide will explain how to provision Communication Credits with Microsoft once any license that includes Teams and an Audio Conferencing subscription have been provisioned with Sherweb since Communications Credits are not available through Cloud Solution Providers (CSP).


You must have a Sherweb M365 account and M365 global admin credentials.

What are "Communication Credits?"

Toll free numbers for dial-in access to your conferences, and the ability to dial out from a conference to add someone by calling any telephone number in the world. Communications Credits are not available through CSP. 

How to

1. In the Partner Portal

  • Purchase a license that includes Teams (Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium, E1, E3, E5)
  • Provision Audio Conferencing as an add-on if it is not included in the plan (Audio Conferencing is included in the Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription and as an add-on:
  • At this point, the only add-on necessary is the Communications Credits that is not available through CSP.

2. Within Microsoft

* Be sure to have a credit card record in Microsoft 365 portal for these next steps.



  • Log in your Microsoft 365 portal with global admin credentials.
  • Under the Billing - Purchase services tab, provision a Domestic Calling Plan trial.



  • Purchase Communication Credits for a minimum of $50. There is a $50 threshold so you can not add less than that amount.



  • Under the Users - Active users tab, assign the Communication Credits to the right user(s).



  • Cancel the E5 and Domestic Calling Plan trials with Microsoft so no charges are applied. The Communication Credits will keep working with the licenses that you purchased with Sherweb.


3. In the Partner Portal

  • If you need a toll-free number, open a support ticket through the Partner Portal to get it set up.



Applicable to

Sherweb Microsoft 365 subscribers.