Bitdefender – Licensing FAQs

1. Is there a trial available for Bitdefender? 

Yes, a 30-day trial is available. Contact our sales department in order to get started. During that period, you can use all the add-ons. After the 30-day trial the licenses will convert into the core product offering. 

2. How can I enable add-ons for the core product? 

Simply go to the Partner Portal and provision the add-ons you want to purchase from the Compliance & Security tab. 

3. Is Sherweb offering NFR for Bitdefender? 

Yes, NFR is available for all partners that are eligible under the NFR program. 

4. Is there pro rata on the licenses? 

No, there is no pro rata. When an agent is installed on a device, you pay a license for the month. 

5. How does the usage work? 

Usage is based on a calendar month period and the maximum of endpoints connected during that period is reported. Usage resets every first of the month and goes up as devices connect to the service. 

6. How does the billing work? 

On your billing date, you will always be billed for the last calendar month usage.