Why is there a user called secmon in my Microsoft 365 tenant?

Applicable to

All Office Protect accounts

Only a Microsoft 365 user can perform the actions required by Office Protect to secure your Microsoft 365 tenant. Instead of asking you to authorize Office Protect to access Microsoft 365 using an existing Microsoft 365 Global Administrator, we create a specific user called secmon@[]. This allows you to track any interactions we have with your Microsoft 365 tenant.




Why create a user just for Office Protect?

We chose this method so that every interaction we take with your tenant is tracked. Our user will appear in your logs and audits. You will be able to delete this user if you decide to leave our service. Our philosophy is that Office Protect needs to be completely transparent to our users.

What username will you create?

The Office Protect user will be secmon@[].

How much will this user cost me every month?

Zero. Although we create a user, we do not assign a license to it. Microsoft 365 charges for licenses, not for users.

What specific actions does this user perform?

Initially, we prepare your account for use with Office Protect by:

  1. Enabling the audit logs for Microsoft 365
  2. Enabling the audit logs for Exchange Online.


After initial setup, this user only performs actions needed to apply what you configure in Office Protect. These actions will be no more than:

  1. Change Exchange Online configurations
  2. Change Microsoft 365 Security Settings


If you have any question, please browse our other FAQs, or contact us directly.