How to manage a catalog to create/add templates and import ISOs


This guide will show you how to create a catalog and use it to create/add templates and import ISOs.


Note that items added to your catalog (templates, ISOs) count against the total storage quota of your virtual datacenter. Also, note that the highest hardware version currently supported for importing OVA/OVF templates is version 14.

How to

Create a catalog 

1. Log in to the Performance Cloud portal


2. Go to Menu > Libraries

PCv2 Catalog Management_1


3. Click on Catalogs

PCv2 Catalog Management_2


4. Click NEW


5. Give a name and description to the catalog and click OK

Note: You can select pre-provision on a specific storage policy if you want to use either Premium SSD or Standard HDD.

PCv2 Catalog Management_3

Upload iso to catalog


1. Go to Media & Other

PCv2 Catalog Management_4


2. Click ADD

  • Select the catalog you created
  • Give a name to the ISO you would like to upload
  • Browse to the ISO you would like to upload

PCv2 Catalog Management_5


3. Click OK and wait until the upload is complete

PCv2 Catalog Management_6 


4. You can now create a new VM using the ISO

PCv2 Catalog Management_7


5. You can also insert the ISO directly into an existing VM

PCv2 Catalog Management_8


 PCv2 Catalog Management_9

Upload vApp Templates to Catalog


1. Go to vApp Templates


2. Click on NEW

PCv2 Catalog Management_10


3. You can enter a URL to upload an OVF or browse for a local file. In this example, a local file was used. Click on Browse and select the template file.

PCv2 Catalog Management_11


4. Click NEXT

PCv2 Catalog Management_12


5. Give a name and description to the template and select the catalog you created

PCv2 Catalog Management_13


6. Click NEXT


7. Click FINISH

PCv2 Catalog Management_14


8. Wait until the import has completed

PCv2 Catalog Management_15


9. You can now create a new VM using the imported file

PCv2 Catalog Management_16

Create template and add it to Catalog


1. If there is a virtual machine you would like to use as a template, you will first need to make sure it is part of a vApp. You can move a VM into an existing vApp or create a new vApp and move the virtual machine into this new vApp.


2. Go to Menu > Datacenters

PCv2 Catalog Management_17


3. Click on your virtual datacenter

PCv2 Catalog Management_18


4. Go to Compute > vApps

PCv2 Catalog Management_19


5. Click Actions > Add to Catalog

PCv2 Catalog Management_20


6. Select your catalog and give a name to the template

PCv2 Catalog Management_21


7. Wait until the template is successfully created in the catalog

PCv2 Catalog Management_24


8. Go to Menu > Libraries > vApp Templates and confirm that your template is now there

PCv2 Catalog Management_22


9. You can now create a new VM using this template

PCv2 Catalog Management_23