Large Scale Recovery allows a user to get a copy of the .tibx archive containing the data of the backups for a particular backup plan. This .tibx file can then be browsed from a file explorer system to recover specific data. An Acronis agent must be installed on the machine where this procedure is followed on for the recovered archive to be browsable. 

***This is a recovery method via cmd line that has proven to be faster than other methods for large backups.***

Initial Requirements

  1. Ensure the targeted backup is in format 12
    • Can be confirmed by expanding the details of a backup archive within the Backup Storage tab in the Acronis console

  2. Ensure that you have an Acronis cloud certificate that comes from a machine registered under the same user the targeted backup is registered with. 


  1. Download the archive_io_ctrl tool and unpack it.

  2. Take an Acronis Cloud Certificate from a machine registered under the same user the targeted backup is registered with and copy it to the tool’s unpacked folder.

  3. Find the Backup file name for the backup needing to be recovered:

  4. Open a cmd window with admin privileges and navigate to the tool’s folder.

  5. Run the following command to initiate the download of the .tibx archive. It will be downloaded in the tool's folder.

    archive_io_ctl --astor <storage_address>:44445 --cert <path_to_certificate.CRT> --copy /1/<backup_name_only>.tibx --show-progress --infinite-timeouts
    • Storage_address


  6. if you encounter an error during the download, you can resume it with the following command:

    archive_io_ctl --astor <storage_address>:44445 --cert <path_to_certificate.CRT> --copy /1/<backup_name_only>.tibx --show-progress --infinite-timeouts --continue
  7. Once the .tibx is downloaded, it can be opened via the standard File Explorer as long as an Acronis agent is installed on the machine. Once the .tibx file is opened, you should be able to see all the backup recovery points by date as shown in the Acronis portal. 


Reach out to our support team if you have any questions or run into any issues.


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