Call Parking


This guide will explain how to use the Cloud PBX Call Parking feature. 


  • Active Sherweb Cloud PBX services
  • You must have Call Parking extension(s) in the organization services.
  • The Call Parking feature must be enabled in your account.
  • You must have the music on hold enabled for your account, as well as on the call park extension(s).

How to park a call and retrieve a parked call using the key programmed for it: 

When you are using a physical desk phone, you may have asked our team to configure one or more call parks on available keys. 

While on a call, simply press the configured key “Call Park 1”, or “Call Park 2”, etc. You will see the key turning solid red instead of green, and your line will become free. The other party is now on hold on the park. 

To retrieve a call, simply open a line on the phone and press the Call Park key with a steady red light. You are now connected with the caller previously on hold on the park. 

How to park a call and retrieve a call parked manually (using Mobyx & wireless IP devices). 

When you don’t have a physical desk phone, but would still like to park and retrieve calls, you can do it using the following steps: 

  • While on a call, simply transfer the caller to *70+call park extension number. Let’s say your first Call Park account extension number is 800 and you would like to park the call on this one, you would then transfer the call to *70800. Then you will no longer be on the call, and the caller will now hear the music on hold.  
  • To retrieve a call parked, dial *71+call parking extension number. Let’s say you have a call parked on the Call Park 1, and this extension number is 800, you would call the *71800. The call will initialize, and you will now be connected with the person who was on park. 

Note: It is possible that the manual codes for your organization are not *70 and *71. In that case you would not be able to complete the transfer. If this is the case, simply contact our support team to validate your dial plan and related manual call park codes. You can open a request here:

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