You are an admin needing to make an Enterprise user a local admin of their cloud PC, remove local admin access, or delete a user setting altogether. 


You will need the following requirements: 

  • One of the following roles:
    • Global admin
    • Windows 365 admin


Making Users Local Admins

Making Enterprise Users Local Admins

Here you will find how to make an enterprise user the local admin of their cloud PC.

  1. Log into the Microsoft Endpoint Manager using your admin credentials.

  2. Next select Devices > Windows 365 > user settings.

  3. On the user setting page select "Add".

  4. On the next page, create a name for the setting, as well as select the checkbox to "Enable Local Admin", then select "Next".

  5. On the assignments page select "Add groups". You will then select the group from the list of groups you need to be local admins, and then "Select".

  6. The group will then populate under "Groups", select "Next".

  7. On the final page, review the information entered, and select "Create".

  8. Once this is completed, all users in the group you assigned the setting to will then be local admins.

Editing Enterprise Users Local Admin Access

This section will explain how to edit the local admin access for enterprise users that has previously been created such as changing the name of the setting, or changing the groups with access.

  1. On the user settings page, select the name of the setting that needs to be edited.

  2. On the next page you will have the option to edit the Settings, or to edit the Assignments.
    1. Editing Settings: Select the "Edit" option beside Settings if you need to remove the local admin access, or change the name of the setting.
    2. Select "Edit" beside Assignments if you need to remove the current group this setting is assigned to, or add more groups.

  3. Once you have updated the changes, it will then be displayed in the main window.

Deleting Enterprise User Settings

This section will explain how to delete an enterprise user setting that is no longer needed.

  1. To delete a user setting, select the 3 dots to the right of the setting, and then "Delete".

  2. Next, select "Yes" to confirm that you want to delete the user setting.

  3. The user setting will then be removed.

Adding or Removing Business Users Local Admin Access

Here you will find how to enable, or disable a business users local admin access to their Cloud PC.

  1. Sign-in to Microsoft 365 Admin Center using your admin credentials.

  2. Navigate to the "Users" > "Active Users" tab on the left hand side.

  3. Select the user whos Cloud PC you wish to manage.

  4. On the flyout, select "Devices" and then select the Cloud PC you wish to add or remove the local admin access for.

Important Mentions

Important things to note when creating the user setting for a local admin.

  • As it is possible that a user is part of multiple groups and they may overlap, the system will use the most recently created policy that the user is a part of.