You are a global admin needing to configure a not yet existing end-users with a license and Cloud PC.


To complete this task you will need the following:

  • One of the following accesses:
    • Global Admin
    • Windows 365 Admin

Adding Windows 365 Users

Here is the process to both add and assign windows 365 licenses and cloud PCs to new users who have not yet been created.

  1. Log into the Windows 365 portal using your global admin credentials.

  2. On the "Your Organization's Cloud PCs" page, select "Add a user".

  3. On the flyout window, click "Select Products".

  4. On the next window, select the Windows 365 license, and click "Update".

  5. Under the user information section you will need to fill out the following:
    • First and Last name.
    • Their username to sign-in, as well as the domain they will be using.
    • You can choose to automatically create them a password, or input a password for them.
    • If you would like them to change the password previously created when they first sign-in.
    • If you would like their sign-in info emailed to you, or anyone else.

  6. When this is all filled out, select "Add User".

  7. Once completed, you can download the sign-in info, add another user, or just close the flyout window. The user can now use the newly created account and credentials to log into their Cloud PC.