You are needing to restore a folder(s) back to the original mailbox the were backed up from.


You will need the following requirements to be able to restore folders:

  • One of the following Dropsuite platform accesses:
    • Full Admin
    • Group Supervisor (Must be restoring for one of the users in a group you are an admin of)
    • IT Admin
    • User (For their own email)


Restoring Folders

This section will explain how to restore folders back to their original mailbox they were backed up from. Keep in mind that the folder structure for the backup only product vs the backup + archiving product will not be the same which is why it is important to verify the important mentions at the bottom of this document.

  1. Login to the dropsuite platform using the proper access. 

  2. Select the mailbox with the folder(s) that you wish to restore.

  3. In the filter, select the folder you wish to restore.

  4. Next, select specific messages you need to restore, or select all for everything from the folder.

  5. Next, select "Restore" in the bottom right hand corner.

  6. Next, you will have 3 restore option.
    1. Default Folder - This option will restore the emails to the default folder.
    2. Other Folder - This option is so that you can restore the emails to another existing folder. You will need to select which folder from the dropdown menu you would like them restored to.
      • You will be able to select a main folder, or a sub-folder
      • Folders will be sorted alphanumerically ascending.
    3. New Folder - This option gives you the ability to have a new folder created for the restored folder. You will need to enter a name for the new folder.
      • The maximum length of the folder name is 60 characters.
      • To create a sub-folder add "/" after the main folder name to then add the sub-folder name.
      • Special characters are not permitted in the folder name, such as the following: !@#$%^&*()+-=[]{};':\"
      • If the folder name you created already exists, the emails will instead be restored to the existing folder.

  7. Once you have decided which option to use, select "Start Restore".

  8. On the next window, confirm you would like to proceed by selecting "Yes, Continue".

  9. Next, select the system restore tab and select "Restores".

  10. On the restores page, you will be able to verify the status of the restore you just created.

Important Mentions

These are things to note when restoring emails.

  • Folder structures will be different when restoring from just a backup subscription vs a backup and archiving subscription.
    • Backup only subscription - Folder structure will be maintained when backed up. If the folder has been deleted in the mailbox, it will be recreated when restored. This being said, if the email account is using POP protocol rather than IMAP, the emails will be restored to the inbox.
    • Backup + Archiving Subscription - Folder structure will not be maintained. You will only be able to see the Inbox and Sent items folders. Sent items will be archived in Archived > Sent Items whereas all other emails will be sent to your inbox. The reason for this is due to Dropsuite not having the folder information for journaled emails. 
  • If you restore emails that already still exist in the email, it is possible that you will end up with duplicate emails.
  • If downloading a PST to upload to a mailbox, be sure when uploading that you select to import items to the same folder.
  • If there happen to be any issues when completing the restore and you need to reach out to support, you would also need to provide the Restore ID.
    • You can find the Restore ID on the system status page on that specific restore.