These are frequently asked questions regarding Dropsuite.


Why do initial backups take a long time?

There are different factors that can affect the time it takes to complete an initial backup listed below.

  • The number of emails that are being backed up.
  • The current size of the mailbox. Depending on the size of the mailbox, it may take longer for the archive to be completed. 
  • The number and size of attachments. Since you are able to navigate between files and attachments separately, this means that the greater the number of attachments in emails, the greater the time the initial backup may take.
  • Limitations that may be set in place by the Microsoft Office 365 API.
  • Any bandwidth restrictions from the mail server side.

What items are backed up in SharePoint?

Below is a list of all items that will be backed up with a SharePoint site:

  • Communication sites
  • Team Sites - Examples include:
    • Documents
    • Files
    • Text Based Content
    • Images
    • Videos
  • Notebooks - Examples include:
    • Sections
    • Page Notes
    • Drawn Notes
  • Pages - Examples Include:
    • Wiki Pages
    • Web Part Pages
    • Site Pages
  • Site Content - Examples Include:
    • Content of the whole site file.
    • Sub-Sites (Team Site, Blog, Project Sites, etc.) 
  • Lists

What Items are backed up for Groups & Teams?

Below is a chart of all items that will be backed up for groups and teams:

Backed Up For:Groups OnlyTeams OnlyGroups & Teams
Chats known as Teams conversations / Chat conversations

Files known as Teams Files / Attachment Files / Conversation Files

Sites known as SharePoint sites

Notes known as OneNote

Shared Mailboxes known as Group Emails / Group Conversations / Email Conversations


Tasks known as Planner