You are needing to restore specific files for a user's OneDrive.


These are the requirements to be able to restore a users OneDrive.

  • One of the following Dropsuite accesses:
    • Full Admin
    • IT Admin
    • Group Supervisor (only for users within the groups they are an admin of)
    • User view and Restore (This will only work for their own content)
    • User (This will only work for their own content)

Restoring OneDrive Content

The below will show how to select specific files to be restored from a user's backed up OneDrive content.

  1. Login to the Dropsuite platform using the proper access.

  2. Select the user in question whos OneDrive needs to be restored.

  3. On the next page, select the "OneDrive" tab.

  4. Select the checkbox beside the item(s) that need to be restored, and then select "Restore".

  5. Next, select to restore the latest, or latest and previous version of the content.

  6. On the next window you will first need to select a destination.
    • Original Account: This will be where the file(s) were originally backed up from.
    • Other Account: You will need select another backed up user's OneDrive to restore the file(s) to.

  7. Next, you will need to select the restore method. 
    • Keep Folder Structure: This will keep the structure the same as the most recent backup. Please note that if you selected to restore to a different user in the previous step, this option will be unavailable.
    • Create New Folder: If you previously selected a different user this will be your only option. You will need to select a name for the new folder, as well as if you would like to keep or remove the current folder structure.

  8. Next, under, "Advance Option" you will be able to select your preference of what you would like to happen should there be a conflict with a duplicate file being restored.

  9. Next, read the disclaimer and select "Start Restore".

  10. Next, read the details of the selection you have made and click "Yes, Continue".

  11. Once you have done this, select the system status tab and then "Restores".

  12. Next, select the OneDrive Tab.

  13. Once on this page, you will be able to verify the status of the Restore you have just completed for the user's OneDrive content.

Important Mentions

Important things to note when doing OneDrive restores.

  • You can also filter to previous backup dates by selecting the date in the top right corner when on the user's OneDrive tab.