Getting Started with Malwarebytes

Thanks for you choosing Sherweb as your Malwarebytes provider, your partner account should have been created during the initial provisioning process. The process will also create a "site" for each Organization that has the Malwarebytes offer activated going forward.

Here are some helpful links to get started with the product:

Product Overview

Deploy Endpoints

User Management

How can I manage site subscriptions?

Once a site has been created through the provisioning process, you will need to add a subscription to it, from that point on all license adjustments will be made in the Oneview Portal. This page can be used as a reference on how to manage licenses.

How will these sites be billed?

Usage will be added to Cumulus through a reconciliation process, if you require further information on when and how this will be processed, please reach out to our sales team.

Note: The suspension feature is not available in the MWB portal, due to this, accounts suspended in Cumulus will not be suspended in the MWB portal.