In the Office Protect Portal, a user can have access to one or multiple organizations (or tenants).

You will notice a blue band at the top of your page, the band is clickable and will take you to the selector menu. Some pages do not have the control, it is normal, as these pages are Multi-Tenant by default. Advanced Report is the main use case for this.

Click on the blue band at the top of your screen

  • This will open a window with 3 tabs:
    • All will list all of the tenants you have access to
    • Favorites will list all of your favorite tenants. You can update your favorites by clicking on the star on the left of your tenant's Name
    • Recent will list the last 5 visited tenants
  • Your currently Active Tenant will have a blue checkmark on the left of its name
  • Search Tenants will display results of Name or Domain fiting the criteria
  • Clicking on any tenant will redirect you to the it's portal page