When Transferring a Domain To Sherweb



  1. The client must ask their registrar to "unlock" the domain name or to do so in their panel if possible. The domain name must also have been registered for more than 60 days to be transferable.

  2. The client must obtain the EPP or transfer authorization code. (They will need it later when they receive our email to authorize the transfer to Sherweb.) **Cloud Support does not need this EPP code, only the client.

  3. The customer must deactivate the "WHOIS Contact Privacy" at their registrar.  They must also ensure that they have access to the administrative address of their domain.

  4. The customer must go to the shopping cart on our website to purchase a domain name renewal or give written approval of the fee to register the domain.  (**Must have a credit card saved in the Account Manager.)

  5. The customer must confirm whether they want to continue using the current Nameservers or manage his DNS entries from the client.sherweb.com using dns1.sherweb.com and dns2.sherweb.com If the customer wants to use ours, he must provide or approve the DNS entries to be reproduced in the account manager. Create the DNS zone and then reproduce the DNS entries that have been approved by the customer.

  6. The transfer request will be sent to the administrative address of the domain.
    The customer must then approve the transfer by clicking on the link and then validate with their EPP code.

  7. Once the validation email has been approved by the customer, the transfer between registrars can take up to 7 days.