Summary: This KB article provides a detailed guide to troubleshoot the problem when you are unable to see an Azure subscription after logging into the Azure Portal. Follow these steps to identify and resolve common issues affecting subscription visibility and regain access to your Azure resources.

1. Verify Account Permissions:
a. Check User Role: Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to view and access the Azure subscription. You should be assigned to a role that grants access to the subscription, such as Owner, Contributor, or User Access Administrator.

b. Check Subscription Scope: Ensure that your user account is assigned the appropriate role at the subscription level or the resource group level if the subscription uses Azure RBAC (Role-Based Access Control).

 2. Confirm Correct Azure Directory:

a. Multiple Azure Directories: If your organization has multiple Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenants, verify that you are logging into the Azure Portal with the correct Azure AD associated with your Azure subscription.

b. Switch Azure Directory: If needed, switch the Azure Directory by clicking on your username in the top-right corner of the Azure Portal and selecting the correct directory.

3. Review Subscription Visibility:
a. Filters and Search: Use the search bar at the top of the Azure Portal to search for your subscription. Additionally, check any applied filters to make sure they are not hiding your subscription.

4. Check Azure Resource Groups:
a. Resource Group Access: Verify that your user account has access to the specific resource group(s) containing the resources of your Azure subscription:

b. Navigate to Resource Groups: Use the left-hand navigation pane to locate and click on the "Resource groups" section. Check if your resource group(s) are visible and accessible.

5. Check Azure Service Health:
a. Azure Service Health Dashboard: Review the Azure Service Health dashboard to check for any ongoing service issues or outages that might be affecting the subscription.

6. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies:
a. Browser Cache: Clear your browser's cache and cookies to ensure that you are accessing the latest information from the Azure Portal.

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**If none of these steps resolves the issue raise a support ticket Microsoft**
Provide them with details of the steps you have taken so far to expedite the troubleshooting process.

 Remember to provide any relevant error messages or screenshots when contacting Azure Support to help them understand the issue better.