The Autotask connector is available in beta phase! To participate and give us your feedback, send us an email at feedback@office-protect.com.

Important: while we expect the connection to work as expected during the beta phase, we recommend that you do NOT disable email alerts for now, so you still have a backup if anything goes wrong in the ticket creation.

How to setup my connection with Autotask?

  1. Generate Autotask username and secret dedicated to Office Protect

First, you need to generate a username and a secret dedicated to Office Protect in Autotask, so we can access your Autotask environment. 

Important: Make sure the right integration vendor is selected at the API user creation (Office Protect - Alert Integration) and the right permissions are granted in the associated security level.

Learn more in this article.

        2. Enter your credentials 

You then need to go to Office Protect Integrations section. You will be prompted for:

  • The API user's username
  • The API user's secret

When clicking on "Check connection", Office Protect will verify that entered information is correct, that the right integration vendor is associated to the API user and that the right permissions are granted (.

        3. Configure your integration

Organization mapping

In the organization mapping, you need to match your Office Protect active tenants with your Autotask active accounts. You can choose to enable or disable the flow with Office Protect for each tenant.

If flow is disabled for a tenant, or if the tenant is not mapped to any Autotask company, Office Protect will not record any tickets for this tenant in your Autotask environment.

Ticket settings

You can choose to select a few parameters that will be selected at the ticket creation:

  • Status
  • Priority
  • Ticket Category - The Ticket Category configuration in Autotask sets the defaults fields for ticket creation. You can find the configuration in Autotask, Admin section, Features and Settings, Service Desk.
  • Due date - If a SLA is already defined by default, this field will not be overridden at the ticket creation.
  • Queue Id - Selecting a QueueId will override the default set in the Ticket Category, if any.

As Autotask allows a wide customization of ticket fields, with dependencies between them, it's possible that some may be missing from the form. If this is the case and it blocks the integration, please contact us at feedback@office-protect.com.

Test ticket creation

We strongly recommend that you test the ticket creation to ensure that the chosen combination of settings works and that your integration will operate correctly.

To do so, select an account in the dropdown list and click on "Send test ticket". If an error occurs at the ticket creation, an error message will be displayed. If you cannot solve the issue, please contact us at feedback@office-protect.com. 

Emergency contact

Before saving your configuration, you need to enter an emergency contact email address, so we can alert you if your integration with Autotask is broken.

After clicking on "Confirm setup", your integration will be up and running.

Important: after your integration set up, security events raised in the last last 48 hours will be created in your Autotask environment

        4. Tickets creation

While your integration with Autotask is up and running, security events tickets will be created in your Autotask board.

The ticket fields:

  • Account (mapped with the concerned tenant)
  • Title: security event type
  • Description: detailed description of the alert (same as the email description)
  • All parameters configured in the Configure form. 

All other fields are default ones.