Getting Started with SentinelOne

Thank you for choosing Sherweb as your SentinelOne provider. Your partner account should have been created during the initial provisioning process. The process will also create a "site" for each Organization that has the SentinelOne offer activated going forward.

To get started with SentinelOne, you can access the Help section directly from the portal. Click on Help in the top left-hand corner, and choose Offline Help.

There you can find articles and guides organized into categories, or simply use the search bar.

Below are some helpful links to get started you started. Note that you must be logged in to the portal to access these links.

SentinelOne Basics
Using the Management UI

Working With Endpoints

Accounts, Sites, and Licenses

Note: You must be logged in to the management console to access these links.

To browse all topics, the complete Knowledge base can be found here.

Can I transfer my current SentinelOne licenses to Sherweb?

Yes. If you would like to transfer your current SentinelOne business to Sherweb from another provider, our dedicated team can help you. Read this article to see how easy the transfer process is: Transferring Your SentinelOne Business to Sherweb

How can I manage site subscriptions?

Once a site has been created, it will be assigned the Control plan by default. If you require other plans, please add them to the site via the Singularity Console.

If you require the Vigilance Respond plans, please contact your Sales representative.

Follow this guide to adjust your site licenses: SentinelOne: How to modify site licenses

How will these sites be billed?

Usage will be added to Cumulus through a reconciliation process, if you require further information on when and how this will be processed, please reach out to our sales team.

SentinelOne is billed monthly—SentinelOne reconcilliation is from the 19th to the 18th of each month—and usage consumed during each billing period will appear on your next scheduled invoice.

Are free trials available?

Yes, Sites may be created in Trial mode, where you can benefit from your first SentinelOne invoice being free of charges. Trials will become billable 30 days after the creation of the site, including any Endpoints created during the same period.

No changes for active licenses will be incurred on your first invoice while in Trial mode. Once your 30-day Trial mode has ended, your next invoice will include charges for any licenses that were active as of the previous 18th day of the calendar month. 


Example 1: If your 30-day Trial mode ends on March 15th, your 2nd invoice will include usage charges for any licenses that were active on and since February 18th. 

Example 2: If your 30-day Trial mode ends on March 20th, your 2nd invoice will include usage charges for any licenses that were active on and since March 18th.

To ensure you stay informed, timely alerts will be sent to remind you of your active trials.

How do I contact support?

As with all our products, please visit our support site, or contact us via email, chat or phone. Please do not reach out to SentinelOne directly.