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Configuration Guides 

Getting Started with Proofpoint EssentialsGetting Started Guide for Customer Administrators
Integrating with Hosted ExchangeFor Sherweb's Hosted Exchange Provisioning, our support team will contact you as part of the onboarding process. 
Integrating with Google WorkspaceConfigure Google Workspace for Proofpoint Essentials
Integrating with Microsoft 365Microsoft 365 Integration

Supported Documentation 

Proofpoint Essentials KBs (Customer facing)Proofpoint Essentials Knowledge Base
Searching email logsSearching Email Logs
Managing your sender listsAbout Sender Lists
Managing your domainsAbout Domains
Managing your sending serversAbout Sending Servers
Managing your usersAbout Users and Groups
Managing your quarantine digestsAbout Quarantine Digests
Managing your Anti Spoofing Policies
About Anti-Spoofing Policies
How to convert a user account to/from a functional accountConverting a user account to/from a functional account