You are free to choose the license that best suit your clients or organizations directly in the Proofpoint console.

Sherweb synchronizes with Proofpoint once every 6 hours to detect any changes in licenses or new organizations. New organizations created under a channel account on Proofpoint is to be linked to a Partner Portal organization under a Partner account when applicable. If no matching organization is found on the Partner Portal, a new one is be created.

Actual usage is fetched once every 6 hours and then appears on the Partner Portal.


Proofpoint Essentials is invoiced using a snapshot of the number of users at midnight on the 19th of each month. Usage will be invoiced on your next scheduled monthly invoice following the 19th of each month.


It is possible to trial Proofpoint Essentials licenses for a period of 30 days. When in trial, usage will not be billed and will be present on invoices at $0.

When trialing an upgraded SKU while already using a license, usage will be billed as the initial license.

Not For Resale (NFR)

Partners eligible to NFR licenses can use any Proofpoint Essentials license on their channel or strategic partner account in the Proofpoint console. For services consumed from these accounts, the first 50 users will be free of charge. Any users over 50 will be billed at normal rates. NFR usage will be shown on invoices at 0$.