How to start, stop, reboot and monitor your Performance Cloud virtual machines


This guide will show you how to do some basic actions such as starting, stopping, rebooting and monitoring a VM in Performance Cloud.


You must be a Performance Cloud client.

How to

1.    Open a web browser and go here:

Start a VM

2.    Click on the VM you wish to start.



3.    Click on Start at the bottom of the screen.



4.    Click on Yes.



Stop a VM

Note: There are two different options for stopping a VM.

  • Shutdown: shuts down the operating system before stopping the server
  • Stop: powers the server off, just as pressing and holding the Power button on a physical server would do.  


5.    Click on your Virtual Machine and then click on Stop.



6.    Click on Yes.



Reboot a VM

7.    Click on the VM you wish to delete and then click on Restart.



8.    Click on Yes.



Monitor a VM

1.    Click on the VM you wish to monitor.



2.    All your VM resource statistics and the like are displayed on this page.



Applicable to

All Performance Cloud accounts.