How to import email items into Outlook 2016 for Mac


This article explains how to import email items into Outlook 2016 for Mac


A Sherweb hosted Exchange account



a. Outlook for Mac 2011 data can only be imported into an empty profile.

b. It is recommended to first import data from Outlook 2011 and then import data from other formats (.pst/.olm), or add your Exchange email account.

c. If you would like to import multiple Outlook 2011 identities into Outlook 2016 for Mac, they will need to be imported into separate profiles.

d. Data imported from Outlook 2011 must be from version 14.2 (Service Pack 2) or later.

How to

1. In the Finder, click on Applications, and then double-click on Microsoft Outlook


Note: If you've already been using Outlook 2016 and the main window is displayed just after you double-click Microsoft Oulook, under theTools menu, click on Import and go to step 6

2. A pop-up window may ask for your approval to use infomation in your keychain. Click Always Allow


3. When using Outlook 2016 for Mac for the very first time, you have to click on Next (arrow) on the Welcome to Outlook screen, then on Get started to start the configuration. 


4. Click on Start Using Outlook


5. Click on Import


6. Select Outlook 2011 data on this computer and click on Continue.


7. By default, the Import from here option is selected. It already has the Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac identities folder path.

If you've saved your Outlook 2011 identities elsewhere, select the Import from another location option, then browse to the right folder.


8. Click Import.


9. If a warning message asks you to quit some applications before you import, click on Quit and Import


10. The import should complete successfully. 


Now you can configure your Exchange account


Should you need any help, please contact us. 

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All Sherweb hosted Exchange accounts