Performance Cloud VMware - How to create a vApp

What is a vApp? 

A virtual application, or vApp, is a group of pre-configured virtual machines that combine software applications into a single unit. It provides a convenient way to access and use apps. For example, a web application could be a vApp composed of an IIS server and a SQL server. Both components are needed for the application to work. vApps can be configured to be powered on or off in the right sequence, cloned, suspended or shut down.


vApps are not mandatory to run virtual machines but are strongly recommended as they could be necessary for some tasks in the future.

Examples: To delete virtual machines or to restore virtual machines.


  1. Login to the Performance Cloud VMware portal using your credentials.

  2. Select your virtual datacenter.

  3. Go to Compute -> vApps.

    If no vApp is present, click on NEW VAPP


    If some vApps are already presents, the screen will be different.

    Click on NEW, then NEW vApp


  4. Enter a name for the new vApp, enable Power on and click on CREATE.