Performance Cloud VMware - How to add metadata on objects 


vCloud Director provides a general-purpose facility for associating user-defined metadata with an object.

Metadata can be added on virtual datacenters, virtual machines, vApps, storage policies, catalogs, vApp templates.

Metadata can be queried through API calls (API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface). Click here to refer to the article on how to connect to the vCloud Director API.



Example below to add metadata on a virtual machine.

  1. Login to the Performance Cloud VMware portal using your credentials.

  2. Select your virtual datacenter.

  3. Under Compute, go to the Virtual Machines section.
    Then, select the virtual machines to modify and click on DETAILS.

  4. Click on Metadata, then click on EDIT.

  5. On the next Screen, click on ADD.

    From there, you can add metadata by entering a name, a value and selecting the type. Then click on SAVE.


    Repeat steps to add more metadata on the virtual machine or other objects in your virtual data center.