How to access a security event details?

  • In the Report section, click on any security event displayed in the table
  • In the Alert email, click on "View event in Office Protect" 
  • In the ConnectWise or Autotask security event ticket, click on "View event in Office Protect"

What can I find in my security event details?

In the security event details, you can find:

  • The security event details (timestamp, description)
  • Details if the security event has been ignored:
    • Ignoring date,
    • Whitelist Rule name, if the event has been ignored through a rule

Below the event description section, two tabs are displayed:

  • Remediation: all remediation actions available to mitigate the risks, act quickly and avoid potential damage if there is a compromise on your organization. If no remediation is available yet, a banner is displayed.
    If the remediation target is a user, two information pastilles are displayed:
    • User's account status (Active / Blocked)
    • User's roles (Regular User / Privileged Admin / Admin / Guest User)

See all actions details

  • How to react: our recommendations to investigate the situation and take action if needed.