What to do when you receive spam in your inbox that has not been tagged as SPAM


This guide will show you what to do if you receive a SPAM in your inbox that was not tagged as SPAM.


 a Sherweb hosted Exchange account

How to

If you receive an untagged SPAM email in your Inbox, please send the message file (.msg or .eml) as an email attachment to spam@sherweb.com. Do not simply forward the message, as this will not include the necessary email header details of the original message.


1.  Drag the original SPAM message from your Outlook message pane to your desktop.



Once on your desktop, the message will look something like this:



2. Create a new email message, enter spam@sherweb.com in the To: field, and add the .msg or .eml file from your desktop as an attachment.



3. Include a subject in the Subject field, and hit Send.


Note: If you have multiple examples, please include them all as separate attachments.


If you have any question, please browse our other FAQs, or contact us directly.

Applicable to

All Sherweb hosted Exchange accounts.