How to open another user's folders in Outlook 2013


How to open another user's folders in Outlook 2013*.

* Support for Outlook 2013 ended on April 11, 2023.


  • You must have Outlook 2013
  • You must have access permissions*

*Please refer to the FAQ : How to share my Outlook 2013 folders or the Outlook 2013 guide.

How to

1) Open Outlook.


2) Click on File.



3) Click on the Open & Export header and then click on Other User’s Folder.



4) Type the name of the person who owns the folder in the Name field or click on Name to choose from the list of users and select the folder type that you wish to open. Then, click on OK.



Note: If you use the "Open Other User's Folder" method as outlined, only the primary Outlook folders (Contacts, Inbox, Journal, Notes, Tasks) may be accessed; subfolders are not available. In order to have access to a folder that is not one of the Primary Outlook Folders, you must share the entire mailbox. Please refer to the FAQ: How to give a user full access to another user’s mailbox.


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Applicable to

All SherWeb hosted Exchange accounts