How to manually configure your Exchange account in Outlook 2016 for Mac


This article shows how to manually configure your Exchange account in Outlook 2016 for Mac


A Sherweb hosted Exchange account

How to

1. In the Finder, click on Applications, and then double-click on Microsoft Outlook


2. If a pop-up asks for your approval to use infomation in a keychain, click Always Allow


3. When you're opening Outlook 2016 for Mac for the first time, you have to click on Next (arrow) on the Welcome to Outlook screen, then on Get started to start the configuration. 


4. Click on Start Using Outlook


5. Click on Add Account


6. Click on Exchange or Office 365.


7. Enter your E-mail address in the first field. Keep the Authentication Method to its default value (User Name and Password).

In the User name field, make sure you re-enter your e-mail address, then enter your e-mail account password in the Password field.

Uncheck the Configure automatically option.

Enter your webmail server name (ex: 


Note: To make sure you're using the right name, check the User Information section in the Control Panel.


8.  Click on the Add Account button.
This should complete the configuration successfully. 


9. Both the Accounts screen and the Outlook main window pop up.


10. You can close the Accounts screen and start using your email service.


Should you need any help, please contact us. 

Applicable to

All Sherweb hosted Exchange accounts